ACE Pro Spotlight: Venus Davis

Venus Davis is a corporate wellness coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer who works with both large groups and individuals. At The Strong Academy, in Washington, D.C., “Coach Ve” helps clients train the body and stabilize the mind by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain their newfound strength.

Prior to working in fitness, Venus lived in New York City and juggled having a corporate job, going to school, raising a son as a young single mother, and coping with the stress of being away from her family. Moving to D.C. to be near her family was part of what motivated her to begin her fitness journey. After experiencing the therapeutic thrill of “throwing around weights,” Venus found personal peace, fulfillment, and a new outlook on life. Fitness became more than a personal journey as it expanded to include her son and other family members, all on a mission to improve their overall wellness. internet news

Thus, a career as Coach Ve began.

What Venus loves most about her career in fitness is that it is never-ending, as there is always room for growth and improvement. She chose to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer because ACE embodies that idea. “With ACE,” she says, “the development is ongoing. Where other programs simply encourage you to further your knowledge, ACE motivates you to do so. It’s an entirely different approach to continuing education and it’s one in which I’m always easy to partake. As I like to say, ‘ACE became momentous the moment I noticed my momentum.’” opinia-klienta

In addition to her ACE certification, Venus is a Level 1 Coach with USA Weightlifting, is certified in Functional Movement and Fitness Nutrition, and is a Health Coach through Georgetown University.

Venus spoke to ACE on her fitness journey and her approach to making people stronger, healthier, and happier.