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Mine rock blasting equipment method

Test method of the impact dynamic monitoring test device, including the following steps:

(1), coal sample production and measurement point arrangement: from the target coal seam 132. Seven three Three-zero. 8303 drills the coal for sample, select a complete coal sample production standard sample, and then use 103 glue bonding between several standard samples to form a combination of approximately 1 m long as a test coal sample, At the same time, the PVDF pressure sensor is disposed at the connection of the adjacent two standard samples, and dynamic strain sheets are arranged along the axial direction of each standard sample, and then the test coal sample is thermoplastic. The surface is formed on the surface;

Carbon dioxide burst equipment applies stress: Apply a peripheral pressure, and the thermoplastic seal test coal sample is loaded into the peripheral steel pipe, and then Surrounded by two semi-circular tubes, the gap of the peripheral steel pipe is constantly decreasing by continuously screwing the tension bolt and  the nut, thereby forming a test piece around the test coal sample, according to the elastic theory, so that the adhesive steel pipe is closed. The pulley generated by the ring is: the inner diameter and outer diameter of the peripheral pressure steel pipe, E is the elastic modulus, μ is the Poisson ratio; the pulling force balance balanced with the test coal sample, the next step according to the elastic mechanical thickness The cylinder theory conducts the calculation of the surface peripheral pressure coal sample, and the test coal sample is also subject to strain observation through dynamic strain sheets on the surface of the test coal sample, and is calculated; then applied axial stress, in CO2 blasting The rear end welding of the tube is on the flange, and the stress load is placed between the two flanges, and then the two flanges are connected through several root steel pulling rods, while experimenting coal rocks and flanges. Place the steel pad, by adjusting the fastening nut on the steel tie rod, so that the steel pulling rod is pulled, thereby applying stress at the axial direction of the test coal sample, and the tension on the steel tie rod is attached to the steel tie rod surface. Axial strain sheet measurement;

(3) Connecting blasting impact mechanism and gas collection mechanism:

Carbon dioxide burst will complete the stress loaded test coal sample, through the front side The blue plate is welded to the CO2 blasting tube to form a blasting impact mechanism; then the guide tube is connected to the test coal sample through the mounting jack reserved on the steel pad, and connected to the gas collection box on the rear side of the air pipe. Install the flow meter on the gas collection box, sequentially mount the pressure gauge, second probe thermometer and exhaust valve on the gas collection box;

(4), filling CO2: Inflatable to CO2 blasting tube into liquid CO2, the temperature and pressure of CO2 blasting tube in the CO2 blasting tube is measured by the ** probe thermometer and the quarrying manufacturer PVDF pressure sensor on the shearing piece to determine that it is in a phase change state; (5), heating by electric heating wire Make the CO2 blasting tube to quickly expand phase transformation into supercritical high pressure fluid, high pressure fluid breaks the shear film after impact test coal sample; (6),

Carbon dioxide explosive equipment Stress wave propagation law observation: CO2 high voltage impact Timerary curve measured by the PVDF pressure sensor on the shear sheet, the resulting stress wave is passed through the adjacent standard test sample The PVDF pressure sensor is recorded, and the test piece dynamically deform is recorded by dynamic strain sheets on the surface of the coal sample;

(7), CO2 flow regular observation: Trial by PVDF pressure sensor on the shear sheet CO2 pressure changes in the input, the PVDF pressure sensor at adjacent standard sample seams records the CO2 pressure variation of each section of the coal sample, the pressure gauge on the gas collection box records the pressure change of the test piece output, the flow of the air pipe After the recordings of CO2 flow, after the test, the data is analyzed to obtain CCO2 flow laws.

Carbon dioxide explosive equipment The present invention has the following advantageous effects:

The present invention provides

carbon dioxide burst hit dynamic Monitoring the test device, including the CO2 blasting impact test system, and set up a dynamic stress test system and a static stress test system on the CO2 blasting impact test system. The test coal sample used by the device directly drills from the coal seam to avoid the secondary processing to the native pores. Structural disturbance, no need to change the damage of the test piece after impact, directly in situ for penetration test, can be easily tested to the CO2 blasting impact, the change in coal permeability; the present invention can be on the coal body The dynamic information under the blasting impact is in situ integrated test, and the beneficial effect of it is, one is that the test uses the cylindrical test piece to be taken from the site, avoiding the disturbance of the native structure of the test piece indoors; second, using liquid CO2 phase change Blasting provides an impact source, which is both conducive to the docking of the test piece, and convenient to control blasting performance parameters; the third is convenient for various observation sheets; four is to avoid the bulky, high cost, inconvenience.