Ripple XRP for beginners: Step by step guide

Step-by-step guide for ripples

What is Ripple (XRP)?

The aim of the ripple, the company is to increase cross-border money transfers by reducing costs, transaction costs and time. Anyone who has used Western Union or Swift to send money to know the pain involved in doing something as simple as sending money internationally. For starters, it can be done between 2-5 days for clear money and the cost associated with the transfer is ridiculous given how normal and every day the actual activity.

Add their ripple and vision to become a system used by banks and financial institutions to transfer money from one country to another. So, instead of being a currency facing consumers, such as Bitcoin, their Cryptocurrency, XRP, will be used by bank banks to transfer money. The bank will change the currency 1 to XRP on the sender’s side. This XRP volume will be sent to the recipient side bank, which will then change it into a currency 2. The movement of XRP between banks in various countries will take a few seconds than 5 days – and that’s how Rippe wants to change the world, using XRP.

How do ripple work?

Unlike other cryptocurrency, Ripple has no blockchain. It also cannot be mined, but we will discuss it later. Ripple does not have blockchain and instead uses its own exclusive technology called the Ripple Protocol Protocol Algorithm. This means that each node must approve each transaction to verify that it is correct.

Ripple (XRP) is a pre-mined cryptocurrency. There are 100 billion ripples (XRP) that have been made and around 55% are owned by the ripple itself. They have done this to ensure that no inflation has escaped. To ensure that they remain independent of price fluctuations, Ripple has locked their ownership in Escrow and will only release a number of certain XRP to the market regularly.

As mentioned above, Ripple (XRP) aims to work as a bridge currency for the bank. So let’s say you need to spend $ 5000 on your friends in Spain. Usually, you will take $ 5000 dollars to your bank and pay exorbitant fees to the bank for this service. Anywhere between 3-5 days later, your friend will receive a portion of the money in the euro, not because of the difference in currency due to transaction costs along the way.

With Ripple, the bank will convert $ 5,000 to XRP and transfer it to a bank in Spain. This vision will move with text message speed. Imagine it!

What can I do with Riggle (XRP)?

What is bitcoin Ripple (XRP) is positioned to function both as an institutional cryptocurrency and consumer or retail. At present, you can do the following with Ripple (XRP):

Currency exchange:

Instead of having to convert 1 currency to USD and then to currency 2, XRP ripples will become a secondary currency.

International transaction

Because it took a few seconds to move ripple (XRP) on the international border, the key to the use of ripple (XRP) was a currency for the bank to transact


Like Bitcoin, you can choose to receive ripples (XRP) as currencies. So do you run an e-store or freelancer, you can choose to be paid in Ripple (XRP)


Like investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can buy Ripple (XRP) and wait to appreciate its value. When Ripple (XRP) was launched in 2013, you can buy it for around $ 0.01. At the time of writing, it was worth $ 0.60. If you have invested only $ 1,500 then, now it will be worth $ 90,000!

How do you buy ripples in Australia?

There are two ways to buy ripples in Australia today:

Buy Ripple (XRP) from Cryptocurrency Exchange in Australia

A cryptocurrency exchange allows you to exchange your Australian collar for your choice cryptocurrency – in this case, Ripple (XRP). To buy ripple from Cryptocurrency exchange in Australia, you must follow these steps:

Find the right cryptocurrency exchange for you. There is more than two dozen currency exchange Crypto for you to choose.

Register for accounts with official IDs.

Navigate to Ripple Buy / Sell and select the amount.

Buy Ripples as Cryptocurrency Portfolio Investment

where to buy ripple Australia (xrp) directly from the exchange, you need to decide how much to buy and what price. And then you need to decide which other coins must also be bought as part of the portfolio. You then have to repeat this process every time you want to make a new investment.

Instead, you can make the top 10 cryptocurrency portfolios using the chiller and invest in this currency sustainably. In this way, Ripple will be part of your portfolio and you will regularly invest a small amount of money to ripple (XRP) without worrying about time, price, and number – Chiller will do all that for you – use changes in reserves from your bank account.

How do I invest in ripples?

There are two ways to invest in XRP ripples – directly, as we explain in the previous section, or by investing in XRP ripples as part of the index portfolio.

What’s next for Ripple XRP?

Register a bank to use their international currency transfer process. At the time of writing, Rippe has registered with several big names such as Santander and Indusin and money transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram. Although there are no institutions that have replaced their currency transfer protocols with ripple, registering for tests is an important first step. This shows that banks agree with what principles are trying to do ripple and are now being tested to see if they work.