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The Most Important On-Page SEO Factors

These days, with how many business owners are implementing SEO on their websites, finding every possible edge is becoming more and more important.

If you own a small business, this is even more important because the big players in your market likely have large budgets to spend on their internet marketing efforts. This means they will have a stronger off-page presence, one to which you can’t hold a finger.

But, don’t give up, because On-Page SEO is the secret sauce any business can use to gain a tremendous advantage. Listed here are the strategies the leading SEO agency, levelu, uses regularly for incredible SEO success.

But first, What Exactly is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is the work that you can do directly on your website to improve its ranking performance on Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). 

The beauty of On-Page SEO is that, unlike off-page SEO,(which is SEO work you do outside your website) you can implement it completely free of charge and on your own time.

A lot of off-page SEO these days involves finding powerful backlinks and building them to your website. And while Google says that paying for backlinks is bad, it is essential in any SEO process as you will need to pay for quality backlinks in one shape or form.

This means that if you’re a business with a tight budget, you’re immediately at a disadvantage when it comes to Off-Page SEO because the heavy hitters can spend thousands a month on an exorbitant off-page SEO campaign.

However, given that On-Page SEO is work you can do on your website, it is completely free of charge and all you need is knowledge of what you need to do.

So, let’s get into exactly what you need to do to dominate your On-Page SEO efforts.

The Most Important On-Page Factors

Most On-Page work that you will do will be done to ensure that Google is ranking you for the appropriate keywords while also creating quality content that Google wants to rank

To do this, you need to make sure you first select a good keyword using a proven process, and then you want to use this keyword in:

  1. Your Page Title
  2. Your Page Description
  3. Your H1 tag
  4. The 1-2 paragraphs of your content.

This guarantees that Google knows the exact keyword you should show up for on the SERPs as you used it 4 times in the most important areas of your page.

However, you’re work isn’t done here, as you also need to sprinkle in keyword variations throughout your content as this ensures you don’t keyword stuff and also cast a wide net for any possible search terms.

After you’ve optimized your keyword placements, you also want to optimize the images on your webpage. Images play an important roll in Google’s semantic algorithms as Google can read the image names as well as the alt text you add.

To optimize your images, use your main keyword and keyword variations.

When it comes to the content itself, you want to be as authoritative and valuable as possible while matching intent. This means you want to position yourself as an expert by referencing(linking) to other authoritative sources to back up any claims you make. Additionally, you want to provide the most value to your readers as this boosts Google’s evaluation of your web page. 

To make sure you are matching the keyword’s intent(which is what someone wants to find when they type something into Google) all you need to do is Google the keyword yourself and see what is ranking high on Google. These webpages are ranking highly because they accurately satisfy the keyword intent and web searchers found that content valuable.

Speaking of value, you also want to cover a topic completely and build your web page to be the definitive source that someone would want to find when using a search engine. This ensures you are creating high-quality content that stands the test of time and also makes it possible for your webpage to rank for many keywords.

Both of these tremendously increase the traffic coming into your website.

These are the most important On-Page SEO factors that you should be doing if you want to rank your website high on Google search. You can do these completely free of charge and whenever you want, however, one thing you will have to trade is time. All of these On-Page strategies take up time to implement and also expertise to do it well and achieve rankings. If you, like many business owners, would rather spend your valuable time doing your actual business tasks, then consider hiring a nj seo company with the experience to do it for you.