Top Tips for Selling Silver

People hear an awful lot about getting cash for gold and making money out of your old gold jewellery in general but no one really hears much about how to Sell silver Melbourne. Silver can be just as stunning as gold, it might not have the immediate wow factor and prestige going back millennia, but some of the most beautiful jewellery out there is crafted from sterling silver.


So if you’re thinking “I’d like to sell my silver”, selling gold and silver is seen as a massively good investment during dark times and is one of the best things you can do.

This article will show you how to sell silver for cash and make sure you follow the right procedure in order to best price for your jewellery. In these dark times it is essential you get the most out of your investment.

  • First of all, weigh! You need to know how much silver you have in grams or whatever feels comfortable and then make sure (very important) that you convert it to Troy Ounces. Silver also can’t be weighted in one large lump. You must sort your silver depending on the purity and then weigh the same pure bit together.


  • Research! Find out the current price of silver, prices and rates go up and down generally depending on the economy, the rate of inflation and other lovely factors but jewellery tends to go up in value regardless. Most financial websites (use only reputable ones) will list this information based on how pure the silver is.


  • Get Advice: This is an essential part of the process. A third-party appraisal will make sure you are armed with the right information and will get a better price for your silver. Knowledge is power!


  • Shop around: don’t accept the first quote you get, even if it seems like the best thing since someone decided to slice bread for a laugh. You never know what might be brought by the next one. The best thing to do is compile many quotes and then make a decision based on information.

Hopefully this article has been somewhat helpful, buying and selling is a risky business. However, selling jewellery has never been more of a hot topic than it is now. Also, there have never been as many people willing to undercut you and pay you less for your jewels than you deserve.

Follow the advice, do your research and stay ahead of the game and you’ll be much more likely to get a good return. Now where’s our Mercedes…?

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