Why Sell Your Goods to a Pawn Broker

Very few of us who are ‘flush’ today, and many people have started to look around for items for sale to get a little additional cash.There are many ways to sell your items, for example, a car boot sale, auction websites, or classified paper advertising. There are pros and cons to each of these means of selling. In this article we look at another alternative, the pawn shop.


Pawn shops are a common feature of High Streets up and down the country. They offer a quick and easy means to get hold of cash quickly, via loan, pawn, or sale. There are other ways of getting hold of cash quickly, but can be amount be guaranteed?


One other method of selling your unwanted items quickly would be to visit a car boot sale and try to sell your items there. Car boot sales can be a fun way to make money, but there are there costs to consider such as fuel to and from the car boot sale, plus the entry fee. What you sell and what you don’t depends entirely on what the people visiting the car boot sale are looking for that day. Haggling is common, and it is not usual to get your asking price for any given item. You may also wish to consider the time it will take to clean, box up and price all your items for the boot sale. You can expect to be at the car boot for 2-7 hours, and you need to start early – aim to be there by at least 6am. This in itself is often enough to deter potential sellers!


Auction websites offer a modern alternative, allowing you to reach millions of people who may be looking for what you have to offer. The benefits of such a system include its huge reach, flexible methods of payment, and general popularity. However, you should also think about the postage costs of each item you sell, as high postage costs may make the purchase less attractive to potential buyers. Also work out the amount of money the website will deduct from the price of your sale as their fee and see if you still think your item is worth selling. You may also wish to stipulate certain conditions such as no returns, or only allowing bidders with a certain online reputation to bid on your item. There are many scams out there targeting online auctioneers and they can be very convincing.


Classified paper advertising was once considered the obvious way to sell your unwanted goods. Some seller would use free advertising papers to sell on unwanted goods, while some went for the bigger advertisers who’s papers were seen by more potential buyers. The modern age has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of papers bought on a daily basis, with may being available online. By entering the online arena many of these papers are swamped by bigger competitors and are hard to see. They may also be out of date, as each ad cannot be kept up to date individually. The number of people using classified ads on and off line has decreased over the years with the rise in popularity of online auction houses as described above.


By using an online Pawnbrokers Sydney to raise more cash through unwanted goods you will eliminate many of these obstacles. Selling or pawning an item takes minutes, unlike the hours spent in a windy car park and hoping to sell something as you may do at a car boot sale. Many pawnbrokers have a network of shops and an online presence, meaning their reach is as good or better than many online auction houses. You have the added bonus of not requiring a customer to need or want the item immediately. Pawn shops buy items to display in their shops, for all kinds of customers. They are open to a wide variety of items and will buy anything they think they can sell.


If you need cash and would like less hassle getting it, consider a pawnbroker when you consider your Selling gold info options.